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How It Goes

There are 3 simple stages to the services provided for you:

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In the concept stage, there are 2 parts to it.

Firstly we will have a initial chat and development process.
From that initial meeting, we will discuss your aspirations and needs, take reference photos and make notes through a casual interview process. We also discuss your budget, which helps determine all our options.

We endeavour to help improve your home regardless of budget and work on projects of every scale.

Secondly, a design brief will be produced. This describes the spatial design
you care about in detail and essentially determines the style, colour, and other important requirements you choose.

Our design team will create and present a beautiful and functional design
briefing that will help you get a visual idea of the concept and once you’re completely happy, we can move on to the next stage.

We will then help you realise your dream home and will present to you a complete design proposal including plans, hand drawn & 3D sketches. 

This ensures the space has been arranged to your
satisfaction and we have maximized the spatial potential by including all furnishings within the floor plan.

Once the concept is agreed, we begin the process of organising the sourcing and ordering on your behalf, using our board list of suppliers that we know and trust.

Taking the stress away from you, thus saving you time and money.
Our team then manages the project and coordinates with the site contractors, to ensure quality and timing.
We work closely with trusted sub-contractors and suppliers throughout the process. Contact us to know more!

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