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About Us

We are a one-stop solution provider for interior design, project management, and renovation services.
At Newage, we are passionate about creating designs that enhance our clients' lifestyles and objectives.

Over the years, we have accumulated a number of clients

coming from the appraisal of our credibility, speed, and quality of work. 
Now hear what our clients have to say . . .

Living Room
Kitchen & Dining

" Isaac is my go-to guy for all renovation needs. We've used his company twice over the past 6 years to renovate 2 different places and he has never failed to impress us with his level of professionalism.

The team is very responsive, responsible and ensures that the renovation timeline is all strictly monitored. We've got our huge place renovated over 2.5 months from Oct-2021, and was handed back to us successfully before CNY. And everyone who's visited our place has remarked on the design, quality, and speed upon which it was achieved. One thing about designer in charge is that he's very clear on the timelines, if he says certain work can be done by a certain date means it will be done.

The designer & team manages his sub-cons very well and I can see that he has very good relationships with all of them. His project management skill is really very solid, and he's also very considerate at helping us monitor the costs closely so as not to exceed the budget. We've been very pleased with the overall results and will recommend anybody looking for an ID to give him a shot.

If anyone wishes for a reference, I'll be very happy to give one too. I'm almost certain my next house will still be renovated by him.
- Adrian Ting

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