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7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Tips For A Minimalist Home

7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Tips For A Minimalist Home

As the newest interior design craze, planning your kitchen renovation and kitchen cabinet design in a minimalistic style to get rid of unnecessary clutter is a terrific idea.

Not only will your home appear better overall with a minimalist kitchen or home, but it will also operate better. The kitchen is an area in your house that is high usage and adopting a minimalist design is a great option.

Here are a few kitchen cabinet design suggestions for you to consider if you want to make your kitchen more efficient while still making it appear lovely and large. Look at that!

7 tips to get you started for your kitchen cabinet design

1. Selecting colors for a minimalist kitchen

Selecting colors for a minimalist kitchen

Monochromatism is one approach to becoming minimalist, commencing with colors. While white kitchens are common in this context, lighter hues like grey, beige, or other subdued stone tones also look nice. White has the additional benefit of making small kitchens appear larger. To break up the austerity that borders on monotony, diverse textures like stainless steel, stone, or marble must be used to complement this bold choice of color.

That doesn't mean that one should accept a plain kitchen. Instead, a few splashes of color here and there in the form of wood with a natural color only serves to maintain the liveliness. To enhance the depth of rooms, one can also choose a matte or wood finish.

2. Making use of neutral shades

Although white is commonly linked to the concept of minimalism, it is not the only colour option available for making a kitchen appear larger. In fact, using various shades can highlight the different depths of a room, giving it the appearance of being larger.

To create the illusion that the back wall is farther away than it actually is, use a little dark grey or black on the backsplash or above the upper cabinets. This will create a sense of appearance to make your kitchen look bigger.

Or, if you want to add a little more personality, use dark colors for lower elements like island cabinets or horizontal surfaces like the floor because they won't stand out as much as vertical surfaces at eye level.

3. Plan your kitchen cabinet design

Plan your kitchen cabinet design

One of the most crucial elements of a minimalist kitchen's interior design is cabinet arrangement. Cabinets offer additional concealed room so that less of the outside area is utilized, keeping in mind that minimalism is all about less is more. This creates a polished and tidy appearance for the cooking space.

Dark kitchen cabinet designs (such as walnut, coffee brown, or mustard) offer the room a rich appearance, while those seeking a fresher atmosphere should go toward lighter hues like light blue, white, or pastel pink. White rectangular tiles with a backsplash can be utilized to create calm. Additionally, under-cabinet lights can be added to highlight the work area and decrease feelings of overwhelm.

4. Adopt minimal lighting

Adopt minimal lighting

There is a narrow line between a minimalist kitchen that makes a statement and one that is harsh and out of the ordinary. By carefully utilising the lighting aspect, one might occasionally find themselves on the former side.

A spectacular chandelier or pendant lamp may serve to elegantly set the mood of the space. Then, plain, non-protruding ceiling lights provide the impression of a room that is bigger, neater, and more symmetrical. Drop-down lighting panels or LED cove lights can help to create an all-pervasive, lovely glow when pendant lights cannot be fitted because the ceiling is concrete.

5. Use a built-in fridge in your kitchen cabinet design

Sleek-looking refrigerators and dishwashers can be eye-catching features. In a small, minimalist kitchen, choosing built-in appliances that are concealed by a false cabinet door can help make the space appear larger.

As an alternative, you can "box-in" a fridge by enclosing it with pantry cabinets on one or both sides and a deep cabinet above. This is especially effective with counter-depth refrigerators because, even without a panel or trim kit, the refrigerator looks like it is part of the cabinetry.

6. Hide away those appliances to declutter

Hide away those appliances to declutter

Once again, various integrated solutions might be added to the kitchen to improve comfort and space. Try out some open shelving for storage space, or include spaces below your kitchen island. It's essential to remember to keep your kitchen countertops and kitchen layout as neat as possible.

For instance, using integrated knobs and grooves on drawers and doors rather than connected hardware helps to prevent small accidents and provides furniture with a more contemporary appearance. There is no longer any need to coordinate various pulls for various cabinets, and a seamless appearance is produced.

7. Add personal touches

The goal of minimalist design is not to constrain yourself with rules that will produce a room that feels impersonal and cold. The key is to make considered decisions and use minimal elements you require, so nothing unnecessary detracts from the overall look and feel of minimalism.

Adding a pendant light, a piece of art, or a unique piece of ornament is a great way to add personal touch. Each of these selections will stand out more and feel more special thanks to the neutral color scheme. Furthermore, in a small kitchen, a single personal touch can make a huge difference.

Elevate your home with NewAge Interior Design

Every person has a unique conception of what minimalism means in terms of kitchen design. For some, it can include décor aesthetics enhanced by subdued colors and cabinet systems, while for others, it might mean strategically placing kitchen necessities with hidden storage compartments and enough clear space.

However, at NewAge, we believe that all it takes to create the ideal minimalist kitchen is the appropriate blend of clear space, aesthetically pleasing tones, pocket-friendly kitchen staples, and a splash of individual flair.

Keen to collaborate with us? Drop us a message today!


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