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7 Tips For Home Renovation in Singapore

7 Tips For Home Renovation in Singapore

You must have found several sites that inform you of the considerations you should make while having your property renovated in Singapore. But have you ever considered the things you ought to stay away from? We frequently focus on what we ought to do and neglect what we ought not to. When planning a renovation, you ought to have a checklist for yourself in addition to the guidelines, grants, and permissions that are necessary. Read on to learn the errors you may be making unintentionally and how to prevent them.

Getting financing authorised, creating a budget, working with an interior designer, and establishing the remodelling process are all parts of a home improvement project. These are a few of the key things you should research. While renovating, there are a few things you should keep in mind to prevent jeopardising the building's structural integrity. In addition, the typical cost of a house remodelling, excluding lighting and loose furniture, is between $40,000 and $60,000. A two room versus HDB 4-room resale flat renovation will cost differently. Before moving in, you should arm yourself with as much renovation advice you can discover.

Tip 1: Building new versus remodelling

Building new versus remodelling

The management of space differs the most. Starting from scratch enables you to map out every detail in your own way. The layout of HDBs is predetermined, leaving little to no possibility for customization. However, for 30 and 60 to 70-year-old flats that need an improvement, the HIP (Home Improvement Programme) offers thorough and detailed designs.

Tip 2: Things to take into account before obtaining a refurbishment

When having your HDB refurbished, there are a few guidelines that must be followed. like being aware of the rules and remembering that no alterations may be done without express permission.

Tip 3: Upgrade-required rooms

You might choose to go simple or extravagantly, depending on the state of the apartment you just purchased. Usually, the kitchen and bathrooms are the spaces that most urgently require remodelling.

Tip 4: Set aside money for it

Set aside money for it

Budget your money according to what you need. As a general rule, we advise you to set aside some money for woodworking, movable furniture, restoring vintage furniture, and similar tasks. A resale apartment costs more to renovate than a brand-new HDB. The cost of refurbishment will increase if built-in components are taken apart and furniture is renovated.

Things to stay away from when renovating your home

Things to stay away from when renovating your home

Let’s now get to the meat of this article. What are some typical errors that people make while choosing to refurbish their homes? To be more prepared, check this out and create a checklist.

#1: Establishing an improbable budget

Establishing an improbable budget

Keep some extra money aside for unplanned costs. Budget planning is the first and most crucial step for each new homeowner. Make careful to account for everything and give a certain amount of room for error when you plan and write down your spending. In Singapore, home renovations frequently end up costing more than you anticipated. You'll thank yourself later if you set aside at least 20% additional money for unforeseen charges.

#2: Blindly adopting trends

Don't make impulsive purchases. We all have over-excitement for our new residences, which causes us to make some unorthodox choices. Make sure you don't lose your uniqueness when doing research for your house ideas and finding inspiration from diverse sources. Being in style is wonderful, but following trends solely for the sake of following them is pointless if you don't like them.

#3: Splurging your whole budget on carpentry

Keep a little bit of space, but not a lot, for carpentry.

Even though we advised you to set aside a sizable portion of your money for carpentry, we didn't recommend spending the entire amount. Yes, custom projects like kitchen cabinets, closets, storage units, etc. will consume between 40 and 50 percent of your money. But be careful not to let it consume a disproportionate amount of your entire budget. Your home's design includes carpentry, but it's not all of it.

#4: Don’t buy the furniture and accessories first

Don’t buy the furniture and accessories first

Wait until the design is complete before buying furniture and accessories. Appliances and loose furniture and décor pieces are by far the simplest items to purchase for your new house. However, let us caution you against purchasing them before the strategy is complete. Wait till our designer offers you the precise measurements before purchasing that wanted sofa. You wouldn't want to spend money on furniture that you won't even use, after all.

#5: Not combining modular and bespoke furniture

Always combine bespoke and modular furniture together.

One of the most crucial elements of a home remodelling Singapore project is the use of multifunctional, space-saving components. Every inch matters in homes when space is at a premium. Problems with space and functionality can be addressed by a clever design in projects such as a HDB 4 room resale renovation. As a result, think about getting storage containers that may be specifically designed to fit anywhere. As an alternative, modular furniture is a good choice for rooms that don't need much consideration.

#6: Working without authorization

Never begin renovations without authorization. Remember that no alterations can be done without a HDB license, as we have previously said, and that the flat must be restored to its initial form. Moreover, the homeowner may be subject to a $5,000 fine.

#7: Picking contractors at random

Picking contractors at random

Make wise decisions and keep your requirements in mind. When choosing a contractor or designer for your Singapore home remodeling, don't make a hasty selection. Speak to a variety of individuals to gather information before deciding. To examine examples of their work and verify their legitimacy, get in touch with their references and prior clients. Ask them questions about their procedures, materials, tools, and other aspects of how they operate without holding back.

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