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Guide To Home Interior Design in Singapore

Guide To Home Interior Design in Singapore

The majority of individuals want their homes to be unique. There is a valid explanation for that. The most significant asset you will ever possess is your home.

A home may be a secure refuge to return to each day, a place for family and friends to congregate, and a place to assemble to commemorate life's most significant achievements.

Because a great home doesn't just happen, creating one may be both exciting and terrifying, especially for beginners. But before you become very anxious about the notion of it all, we can assist you!

Take things step by step, and your interior design project will go smoothly, much like a relationship.

Step 1: Getting to Know One Another

Getting to Know One Another

You initially meet your interior designer at this point. In contrast to actual dates, the talk is entirely focused on you and your needs:

  • Planning for space (e.g. what kind of space is it, a HDB flat, a landed property?)

  • Concept for interior design

  • Timeline

  • Budget

The average cost of a home remodeling (for HDB interior design in Singapore) is $56,000, generally excluding furniture and appliances. You should plan on finishing it in at least 6 to 12 weeks.

Step 2: Present Concepts Using 3D Images or a Floor Plan

Present Concepts Using 3D Images or a Floor Plan

It's becoming more serious now. Your interior designer will show you comprehensive renderings of your final home, such as floor plans or 3D models. Saying yes should only be done when you are certain you are delighted.

The illustrations will show:

  • Variety of rooms (e.g. walk-in wardrobe, kids room)

  • Orientation and room configuration (e.g. position of furniture and appliances)

  • Usefulness of places (e.g. hacking of walls, cabinets, storage)

  • Take the time to study and improve the specifics before accepting them because all of them will aid contractors in understanding your needs.

The designs will be sent to the appropriate government departments (i.e., HDB, BCA, and URA) for formal confirmation after receiving your consent.

Step 3: Complete the preparation details

Complete the preparation details

You made a great choice in selecting your interior designer. A deposit is needed at this time to show commitment. Most interior designers will request 30% of the entire amount upon confirmation and the remaining 70% once the job is complete as a benchmark (depending on your agreement). Make absolutely sure you get everything in black and white to protect your rights.

For the main components, the designer will suggest particular choices, such as:

  • Carpentry Electrical Points Lighting

  • Flooring/Tiles

  • Display wall

  • Ceiling

Including the little features like:

  • Finishes

  • Material

  • Fittings

  • Colour

  • Paint

  • Wallpaper

Step 4: Renovation Kicks in

Renovation Kicks in

This is the most exciting aspect of interior design since everything finally comes together at this point. You'll have a lot on your plate, just like any wedding.

Make sure to ask your interior designer for a timeline that includes the contractor's work schedule. This will guarantee that everything is taken into account and that the project is finished on schedule.

Visit your new house at least twice to check on the development. Start looking for furnishings, appliances, fittings, and fixtures. In Singapore, WhatsApp is the most popular method of communication between homeowners and interior designers. The key is communication. Take a picture of the sofa you want to buy and email it to your interior designer for advice.

Step 5: Handover of Project

Handover of Project

You may now finally enjoy your new residence! The following are the most important details to remember just before the handover:

  • Cleaning your house with chemical cleaners

  • Requesting any necessary modifications

  • Check to evaluate the level of the work

  • Finish the remaining payment

Now that you mention it, remodeling your home seems considerably less frightening. We wish you luck in finding the ideal interior designer and long, happy life in your magnificent dream home.

Share Your Unique Needs for Your Singapore Interior Design Project

Interior designers have the education and skills necessary to transform any home's interior into a stunning space. But that doesn't mean they won't still require your suggestions. To ensure that the results of your Singapore home interior design meet your expectations, you must inform them of your requirements. Consider conveying your own sense of fashion and individuality. Describe the function each room in your home will serve. Provide some color suggestions for your home or describe the furniture and accessories you would like. Show them images of the home decor items you wish to feature.

Select a One-Stop-Shop for Singapore Home Interior Design

It's generally advised to work with a company that can manage all of your interior design needs while looking for an interior designer. There are interior designers in Singapore who specialize in kitchens, others in toilets, and yet others who can manage any type of home interior design project. Make absolutely sure you go with the second option to avoid having to deal with several developers. It's even more advantageous to work with a specialist in Singapore home interior design who also maintains relationships with suppliers and contractors to make sure you obtain the most affordable labor and materials. Therefore, find out what services an interior designer provides before engaging them.

Singapore Home Interior Design Professionals to Hire

The greatest thing you can do if you're unclear about how to approach your home interior design in Singapore is to employ a qualified interior designer. Their knowledge will be helpful to you since they can provide you with a tonne of ideas for your kitchen, dining room, family room, bathrooms, and other spaces that you likely wouldn't have thought of on your own.

Having a professional plan for handling your home interior design in Singapore will be to your benefit, even if you will need to cover their costs. They have completed dozens of houses, so they are aware of precisely what must be done to render each space in your home appealing, modern, and comfortable.

Elevate your home with NewAge Interior Design

At NewAge, we believe that all it takes to create the ideal contemporary interior design style is the appropriate blend of clear space, smart use of colors, and a splash of individual flair.

Keen to collaborate with us in bringing your design ideas to live and shaping your dream home? Drop us a message today!


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