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8 Top Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinet Design in Singapore

8 Top Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinet Design in Singapore

We are aware that choosing cabinets and countertops is only one aspect of kitchen and bathroom design. Your family meals, holiday parties, and calm coffee mornings should all be considered while designing and upgrading your house. It involves fusing form and function in a living area at home. Browse through our recently finished projects to get inspiration.

Everything takes place in the kitchen, from family dinners to parties, homework to crafts, and much more, making it the hub of the house. This demanding area has to maintain a careful mix of use and aesthetics with a straightforward arrangement, plenty of storage, and lovely materials that contribute to your home's design sense.

Your kitchen cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen design. The arrangement and storage of the space are built around them. As one of the most noticeable surfaces in the kitchen, cabinetry also establishes the style for the space. Kitchen cabinet designs affect your pleasure of the room in a variety of ways, including how simple it is to find necessary products, clean, and maintain your kitchen.

Slab Cabinets

Slab Cabinets

Slab cabinets might be just what you seek if you prefer to go with a traditional style. The slab form results in a flat, white front for the kitchen cabinet. Even though it appears straightforward, this layout is perfect for a tiny kitchen since white gives the impression of more room while enhancing natural light. Different accents, like as plants, a vibrant rug, or even a strategically positioned mirror, may enhance the classic style.

Effortless Design

Modern homeowners choose a more straightforward approach to kitchen design, which is mirrored in kitchen cabinet trends. Modern farmhouse designs, transitional styles that have been updated, and contemporary designs all acknowledge the need to create a comfortable space that is also simple to use and maintain. Modern cabinetry's simple, easy-to-clean design helps create a space that is more conducive to relaxation.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets with plain flat panel or slab door styles that offer plenty of storage within a tidy design aesthetic is one method to do this. Alternately, by minimizing upper cabinets, you might let your backsplash and wall decorations take centre stage. If you decide to go with this style, keep the backsplash plain and choose slab tile, big format tile, or subway tile with black grout that can better withstand moisture and grease.

Taking Out Upper Cabinets

You could go one step farther with this fashion and take out all top cabinets. To begin creating this appearance, your kitchen design must be entirely decluttered. This enables you to streamline your needs and kitchen storage. Utilize your base cabinets to keep what you must have on hand every day and find other storage spaces, such as a walk-in pantry, utility room, attic, or basement, to keep anything else.

Not all wall storage in the kitchen may be eliminated by taking out the upper cabinets. Open storage, such as a nook or a set of floating shelves, serves as both functional storage and a decorative element in the kitchen.

With the material you select, shelving highlights the design of your home by bringing colour and texture into the area. Take into account how your choice of shelving interacts with your backsplash material and other design components like hardware, lighting, and counters. Essentials like spices and utensils might be kept in open storage close to your work and cooking areas if they are kept in containers that complement the design of your space. Limit the number of objects you keep in open storage to prevent these spaces from being congested.

Accessories for Ultra-Custom Storage

Accessories for Ultra-Custom Storage

Kitchen cabinets determine the usefulness of your kitchen design as well as the appearance of your area. Design a plan that sounds plausible for how you use your kitchen and that saves space you have available. To keep your kitchen running smoothly, combine this with internal bespoke storage solutions that increase cabinetry storage. The primary function of kitchen cabinets has always been storage, but the newest trend in kitchen cabinets is ultra-custom accessories made to meet your individual demands.

Kitchen Pantry Organization

The following are some of the best design ideas for modern kitchen cabinet storage requirements:

  • To properly store and separate waste and recycling, two or more trash cans may be pulled out.

  • Roll-out pantries allow you to see and reach every can and jar since each shelf neatly slides out.

  • To hold everything you need to make your favourite dishes, a standalone walk-in pantry might also include cabinetry that serves as a continuance of your kitchen, complete with cabinet storage solutions, floating shelves, and chic containers.

  • To store anything from cups to pots and lids, deep drawers with personalised peg or slat dividers are available.

  • A drawer with internal outlets and charging stations specifically for electronics and charging cords.

  • Tray dividers are perfect for neatly storing heavy baking pans and cutting boards since they fit into deep drawers, narrow cupboards or pull-outs, or a high cupboard over the fridge.

An island with several uses as a focal point

An island with several uses as a focal point

The importance of islands in kitchen designs has increased significantly in recent years. Find the ideal island to match your kitchen's decor, or think about extending it by tearing down a wall to make room for your ideal island workplace. A multipurpose island that can be used for everything from slicing vegetables to hosting a book club tends to be the focus of activity in a busy kitchen. Increase the size of your island in a big kitchen layout and divide it into different areas, such as a tabletop side for eating, a baking section with a marble countertop and shelving, or a drinks station with an undercounter refrigerator.

Cabinetry that meets your needs for design and usefulness should be installed on your multi-purpose island. For whatever you need to keep, create specialised storage using internal attachments. With stunning cabinets, you can make your island design the focal point of the room. Your kitchen island cabinets may either match the rest of the decor or stand out with a contrasting hue. Bold coloured island cabinets are a popular choice because they provide a great opportunity to include a favourite colour while maintaining a neutral colour scheme around the rest of your kitchen.

Timber Finishes

The popularity of white kitchen designs and other neutral colours like beige, grey, and greige will never fade, but different cabinet finishes are taking their place more and more frequently. Now a popular option, wood tones restore the warmth of nature to kitchens. To let the lovely wood grain take centre stage, use high-quality wood with simple lines and a light finish. Alternatively, choose a deep stained finish to give your wood cabinetry a posh appearance.

Strong Color Schemes

Similar strong hues that were previously only used for easily interchangeable accessories are now preferred for cabinets. Black cabinetry is becoming more and more popular as a luxurious cabinet colour, making dark cabinets a chic option. Dark or sage green, deep crimson, and blues ranging from navy to pastel blue for a beach atmosphere are also popular colour options. If you're willing to make the commitment, go for it and give your kitchen a new look by installing coloured cabinets all throughout. Consider a two-color cabinet layout with colourful base cabinets and white upper cabinets if this is simply too much colour for you, or stick to the island cabinetry if this is too much colour.

Elevate your home with NewAge Interior Design

Elevate your home with NewAge Interior Design

Start by looking at your present kitchen to determine what you like and don't like about it. Next, research kitchen cabinet styles by checking online sources and visiting kitchen design stores in order to narrow down your possibilities. Work with a kitchen design specialist to benefit from their understanding of what will work for you and their connections to reputable cabinet suppliers.

At NewAge, we believe that all it takes to create the ideal minimalist kitchen is the appropriate blend of clear space, aesthetically pleasing tones, pocket-friendly kitchen staples, and a splash of individual flair.

Keen to collaborate with us? Drop us a message today!


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